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We are Yo-Aktiv team – dedicated professionals with over 15 years of experience in the fields of fermentation, starter cultures and enzymes.

We offer expert assistance for your informed choice and support for achieving the best results, both in the preparation of the homemade products and in the hassle-free order and delivery of the selected items.

The priorities we have set before ourselves are offering quality products and building good relations with our customers, justifying their trust and building a long-term and loyal partnership.

Our priorities are offering quality products and complete technological application support. Natural part of our work is building good relations with you – our customers, gaining your trust and building long-term partnership.

Our vision is creating innovative, modern and comfortable products to meet the growing needs and demands of modern households and farms and contributing to the greater satisfaction of a healthy lifestyle.

Years experience

Our mission is to promote and facilitate the preparation of all natural, homemade and artisanal food products. 

Our target is people to have access to quality ingredients that contribute to the beneficial action and taste of food they love. We aim to make the homemade and artisanal production of fermented foods a shared experience for the whole family and for the farmers.

The clear direction that Yo-Aktiv products are facing is to offer natural ingredients at optimal prices to facilitate quality home production. 

Yo-Aktiv range is specially designed to guarantee high quality and efficiency and their use always lead to the same and consistent results.

Yo-Aktiv products are well accepted on the market in Bulgaria and worldwide and are well known to Bulgarian and foreign consumers with constant high quality, good reputation and provided tips and ideas for their use.

Our Yo-Aktiv range includes yogurt and cheese starter cultures, starter cultures for meat and fish delicacies, starter cultures for fermented vegetables, starter cultures for red and wine wines, coagulants for cheese and pasta filata. 

In short: Convenient solutions for households, artisans and farmers! 

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